About ScotianAires

The ScotianAires Chorus is an award-winning women’s a cappella chorus specializing in four-part harmony in the barbershop style. Directed by Sue Kember, its 60+ members are a diverse group of women of all ages from across the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Performing locally for more than 35 years, we continue to entertain a growing community of listeners, and are known for our energy, enthusiasm and beautiful harmonies. Our repertoire is as diverse as our membership, ranging from Broadway melodies to gospel music, from seasonal favourites to 60s pop tunes, and from timeless classics to contemporary hits.

No choral experience is necessary to become a ScotianAire. While some members have extensive musical backgrounds, others are novices; learning vocal techniques is an integral part of the ScotianAires experience. What brings us together is our love of singing and our desire to meet other women who share that passion.

The ScotianAires Chorus is a chapter of Harmony, Inc., an international non-profit organization whose purpose is “to empower all women through education, friendship and singing.” The chorus competes at Harmony events in the Atlantic region and internationally in the US, and is currently the Atlantic champion.

In addition to the chorus itself, the ScotianAires have spawned a number of quartets, including Tonic!, which won first place at the Area 1 (Atlantic Region) Contest and Convention, held in June 2019 in Sackville, NB.

Although the chorus is incorporated in Dartmouth, its rehearsals are normally held every Tuesday evening from 7 to 10 p.m. at Trinity Anglican Church, 321 Main Avenue in Halifax...and during this current time of physical distancing, the chorus meets at the same time online on the Zoom platform.

About Harmony, Incorporated

Harmony, Inc. is an international non-profit organization whose purpose is “to empower all women through education, friendship and singing.”

Since its founding in 1959, Harmony, Inc. has expanded from its roots in the eastern United States to include chapters across the U.S. and Canada, from California to Newfoundland and from Manitoba to Florida. The ScotianAires Chorus received its charter as a chapter of Harmony, Inc. in 1983.

Contests and conventions are held each year for the purposes of educating members in the performance of the craft, bringing together the membership to see the best perform, informing the membership of the status and direction of the organization and encouraging an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie.

For more information on Harmony, Inc. visit their website at www.harmonyinc.org. You can also find Harmony, Inc. on Twitter at @HarmonyInc.

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