Sing Into Spring at Debert NS - ScotianAires

9:00am, Sat, 15 Apr 2023

Original event on the Area1 website:

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  • Start time: 9:00am
    End time: 4:00pm
    Description: Sing Into Spring at Debert NS
    Sing Into Spring
    April 15th, 2023

    Registration OPEN!!!!

    ~ February 19th, 2023 ~

    Hello Area 1!

    I am so excited to share the initial details of the
    2023 Sing Into Spring Education Day! We have
    another fabulous day of learning and enjoyment
    planned you wont want to miss it!

    Many of our Area musical leaders will be
    delivering a number of topics to suit everyones
    interests, along with developing our brand new
    Area 1 song Sing Sing arranged by Joey
    Minshall! What better way to express our love of
    being back together making music than with a
    song that celebrates that very thing?

    More details to come in future bulletins, but take a
    minute to get yourself registered today so you can
    start learning our fun new song!

    Looking forward to see you all there! Its going to
    be a great time!

    Peace, Love, & Harmony,

    Jill Reid

    Area 1 Education Coordinator

    Answers to Some Questions You
    May Have:

    Q: When?

    A: Saturday, April 15th, 9 am to 3:30

    Q: Where?

    A: Debert Hospitality Centre, Debert,

    Q: Whats included in my registration
    fee of $50?

    A: The event itself, catered lunch,
    catered morning break, sheet music,
    and learning tracks.

    Q: Is there an overnight option?

    A: Most definitely! For an additional
    fee you can overnight and have
    breakfast provided. Details provided
    in the registration link.

    Q: Is there anything planned for Friday

    A: If we have enough people
    registered for the overnight, we will be
    planning some fun, informal activities!
    The bar will be open for anyone
    choosing to stay overnigh